Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Greatest Thing Ever!

This picture pretty much sums it up :)

Have you ever wanted to be able to do everything you ever wanted on just one computer, without the need for reboots, special setups, or very hindered performance? Well now you can!

In my professional life I'm a windows kinda guy, I go to work, I log into a windows domain, I develop in c# and Visual Studio. In my personal life I'm an Apple kind of a guy, I love the stability and easy to use applications, the BSD core, etc.

Well sometimes when I'm at home I want to be able to do some c# coding. Yes I could use Mono, but the IDE options are sparse, or require a lot of setup, and I can't use a lot of the new features in .NET 3. I originally used Parallels but hated being limited to one screen, hard to use USB devices etc. I eventually switched to Boot Camp and Vista, but Vista has a whole slew of issues with VS2005 and little support for WPF in Orcas, AND I also had to reboot. I had my iTunes and stuff in OS X and didn't want to duplicate stuff so I wasn't 100% happy.... yet. Well last night I noticed that Parallels had posted a new release. WOW! They have made some huge improvements. First off my favorite new thing, Coherence. To enable this just load up Parallels and select 'View' - 'Coherence' and BAM! done. Your desktop now has both the Windows task bar AND the Apple app launcher! How hot is that! Well like I had said before I really didn't like being limited to one monitor with Parallels. Well it just got better. If you go back to Parallels and select 'View' - 'Customize' you'll notice my other favorite new feature, a little option that says 'Use multiple desktops'. No I can drag applications (Both Windows and OS X) back and forth between my monitors.

So now I'm very happy! When I'm at home I can have my Visual Studio up on one monitor along with iTunes, and my browsers (Safari, Firefox, IE) on my other monitor. AND If I really wanted to I can boot up my Boot Camp OS using Parallels, so there is absolutely no need to reboot anymore!

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Simone said...

Absolutely amazing!!!!