Sunday, February 11, 2007

Crystal Reports Madness (Orcas)

I sat down today to write a blog on some information about Crystal Reports. Little did I know this would turn into 2 blogs.

I downloaded Vista Ultimate from good old MSDN a few months back and everything was working great with it. I had installed Visual Studio 2005 and was able to do some development for work, which HAD worked great. Up until a few weeks ago I hadn't had to many issues with Vista (Except for the Cisco VPN client, which doesn't work with the released version of Vista). Now some of the issues are starting to bleed through. VS2005 crashes, OFTEN, which led me to install the new Orcas (Jan CTP). This worked much better than 2005 so far, minues the WPF support :(

So leading back into the topic of this blog, I loaded up Orcas and opened my work project. I went in and double clicked a report file to refresh me on what I was going to blog about AND..... I got a straight up HEX view of the report! Apparantly that too doesn't work with Orcas... So back to 2005 I go hoping I don't make it mad enought to crash :)

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