Friday, October 02, 2009

Taskbar At The Top Is Naughty

I used to like my Windows taskbar on the side but after using Ubuntu a bit, and using a Mac for quite some time I'm now a bit biased to having it at the top. I noticed something cool today that my new Windows 7 box does for me. An application that I was using opens up a new instance of IE8 for me and sets it to full screen. After it loads I hit 'ALT' and then '[T]ools' and select 'Developer Tools'. It loads up the much improved IE Developer Tools with one small little glitch. The top of the application is underneath my taskbar.

Awright, I right click on the app in the taskbar expecting the 'move' option that's in XP. Ummm.. it's gone.. Awright lets move my taskbar back to the bottom of the screen and then move the window and then move the taskbar back to the top. I got inconsistent results with this step. Sometimes when I moved the taskbar back to the top it would be a pal and move the application back under the taskbar and sometimes it would leave it where it was after I moved it.

It would consistently open the dev tools under the task bar if IE was loaded to a full screen.

I love features! They give me something to do when I'm bored


BlackTigerX said...

so, what was the issue?

you might want to try WinKey+ Left, Right, Top and Down (when the window maximized and normal), you'll get nice surprises :)

Paul Fox said...

You can also Shift + Right Click on the taskbar icon for the window you want to use the old "Move" command for and it will bring up the old context menu.

I was miffed that it was "gone" too, so I played around for a while.

Justin Wilson said...

I have inadvertently hit the Win+Left before and thought it was just some fluke. Good to know.

The Shift+Right Click is exactly what I was looking for, thanks :) Sad that they did remove it, guess maybe it's not used 'enough' to have it there by default maybe?