Sunday, February 17, 2008

F# again

I had blogged about F# a while back and though I had tinkered around with it a bit, I got a little busy, and a little lazy. I've decided I'm gonna stick with it this time and learn it :) which means more upcoming blogs about F# (I haven't blogged in a while either so this will get me motivated)

I'm not one that enjoys scouring the web for information on things so I usually just go buy a book on whatever it is that I'm interested in. I decided the other day to head down to the local Borders and there was one copy left of Robert Pickering's F# book, titled 'Foundations of F#'. I'm currently only a few chapters in but it seems like a pretty good book thus far. It hasn't required a background in functional programming which is good and also seems to be a good read for the novice to expert programmers.

Well that's all for now, maybe next time I'll have some F# knowledge to share :)

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