Sunday, October 28, 2007


Leopard came out the other day and I started to loose anticipation for the release when it seemed more and more features were being dropped, or were just not being added as features. I was expecting that with the new Boot Camp there would better NTFS support, but the sales pitch from Apple on this is “Leopard understands the Windows FAT32 disk format”. I guess I could use NTFS-3G’s driver for this, but I guess I’ve been spoiled for too long and wanted it built right in :).

A feature that was actually on Apple’s web-site but then mysteriously disappeared was “Fast Switching” for Boot Camp. This would basically put one OS into hibernation and load up the other OS (Awesome if you don’t want to close all your programs down before switching).

BUT! There are a lot of things that I really like about the new OS. Probably one of my favorite things is the path bar in Finder (bread crumb like trail of where you are in the file system). This is one thing that always drove me nuts, when you had a file up and you had to do info or something on it to know where it was in the FS.

Spaces is probably one of my other favorite things. If you have a laptop and need a lot of stuff on the screen it’s nice to be able to place things in different spaces. I wasn’t too excited about this until after I loaded up Parallels and I could go full screen on one space and easily go back to a screen with all my Mac stuff. Parallels has Coherence but with all the Windows stuff I sometimes have loaded it’s easy for my screen to get cluttered.

I’ve never used iChat, simply because most of my contacts are using MSN. Well iChat still doesn’t support MSN BUT it does support Jabber now (as well as Google Talk, since it’s a Jabber too). So all I had to do was find a Jabber server that had MSN/AOL/Yahoo etc transports. The only bad thing was that I had to use Psi to create an account on the Jabber server I found to create my Jabber account. Once my Jabber account was created I could point iChat to it and I can now talk to all my MSN/Yahoo..... contacts. The other downside is that if you have Google Talk and a Jabber account (or more than one account of anything iChat supports) then each account gets loaded in it’s own window, instead of consolidating all your contacts into just one window. I’m still up in the air about iChat, I may still go back to using Adium since it pretty much supports anything you’d ever use, and they have announced that they are going to support video chats in the near future.

So far for the most part I like Time Machine. I don’t like the dock if it’s on the bottom (don’t like the reflective thing the icons sit on) good thing I always place it on the left (no reflectiveness if the dock is on the sides of the screen) I guess you can turn it off, I found a quick little shell command to do it but didn’t bookmark the site where I found it :). I don’t care for the little cross-walk in the dock (used for changing the dock size). Oh I forgot, I love the new Quick View feature too, much quicker to quickly grab something from a dock instead of loading up whatever to view it. Other than that I’m happy with it, they didn’t make major changes to where everything is so I didn’t feel lost like I did with Vista.

Whoa whoa! just as I finished writing this I think I just found my biggest complaint! I use Pages to do my blogging, I export it as HTML and use a Ruby script to make it Blogspot happy and get rid of the extra CSS it generates. Well just as I finished I went to export it as HTML and well.... that feature is GONE! (Right after I installed Leopard there was a Pages update so I figure that removed it). I’m not quite sure why they removed that :(.

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Paul Fox said...

It would have been fun to try out Leopard. Wish I could have held out for it. =)