Saturday, June 02, 2007

Source Code Formatting... ugh

So I started a new blog and do most of the work for that blog on a Mac. I mainly use windows for this blog (since I post mainly about .NET) and have been fairly happy with Windows Live Writer and a code formatting plugin. Well I was looking for a good blogging tool for my Mac to use for my new blog. I looked into Ecto, Qumana, ScribeFire and I wasn't extremely thrilled about any of them. They would screw up my formatting mainly when doing code snippets. Why does it have to be such a pain to simply just post some source code in a blog as it appears in your code editor? Well after an hour of playing around with some of the mentioned blogging tools I finally remembered "Hey you're making this harder than you need to, remember you have a Mac and things are easier". After that little thought it took me a few seconds to get some source code into nice HTML form.

First I just did a simple copy of the source code straight from Eclipse.

Then I loaded up Pages and pasted what I copied.

Then I exported it to HTML and voila! Magic!

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Polar Bear said...

I don't have a mac so I have to live with whatever windows live writer can do for me :(
Maybe one day I'll be cool enough to buy one...