Monday, April 30, 2007

Visual Studio Acting Up

Has Visual Studio ever started 'acting up' on you? Every once in a while I notice that VS just acts plain weird for me. For example, it will quit compiling certain projects for me, or sometimes project A, that has a ref to project B, quits seeing updates to project B. Just little nuances like these every once in a while can be a pain to figure out, and are just plain frustrating. Eber had a strange issue last week where if he compiled the projects within a solution individually they would work fine, but If he compiled the entire solution certain projects dll's would revert back to a previous build in referencing projects??

This was just plain weird! He would changed the version number of one of the projects, build the solution and in the referencing project the dll would revert back to the old version. Tried deleting all the dll's and rebuilding, tried removing and re-adding the reference, tried deleting cache. None of these worked, and we were both kinda stumped on this one. I remembered a while back I was having some issue after getting a bunch of files from our current projects repository, and I had deleted the .suo file just for fun :) and after I re-opened the project everything started working again for me. So we figured we'd give that a try and see if it would some how fix the issue he was having. Voila! and what do you know... it fixed this strange problem.



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