Thursday, March 01, 2007

Javascript is cool?

So I was gonna blog about this yesterday... but It was late and 'The Greatest Thing Ever' was a tad bit higher on my priority list.
Well here goes another blog.
The project I'm currntly working on has sooooo much AJAX madness. (It's like way after my bed-time so bear with me), and I'm not an 'Expert' on JavaScript... yet. So I started looking for some cool tools that might benefit me a lil' bit. I found ActiveState's and IntelliJ's solutions but I didn't want to pay alot of money. I finally stumbled acrossed this plugin for Eclipse that looked promising. It's from Adobe (previously Interak). So I downloaded it, installed it..... And EXCEPTIONS!... Wow!

Well I started looking into this a bit... and apparently this is something that just happened to make its way into the release. I found some info on Adobe's website, but none of it was promising. Basically everyone was saying "Just upgrade to Java 5", well my OS X pc has 5.0 ready-to-go. I kept getting this error "The selected wizard could not be started", "Plugin-in com.interakonline.jseclipse was unable to load class com.interaktonline.jseclipse.ui.newwizard.JSClass".

The solution is basically to just ignore this error!?!? I mean don't worry about, Adobe hasn't done any upgrades for this product in a while, and there's not a whole lot of info out there for this fix. So to use this plugin all you need to do is just add a new 'File' to your project and give it a '.js' extension. This will bypass the previous error and let you get down to business. Code completion works good, and best of all it's not $200 + to use it. So if you're not using Orcas (or can't) then this is a good solution if you want to develop some JS code but don't want to fork out a lotta cash!